How to Win the Clone Wars: Efficient Periodic n-Times Anonymous Authentication

Jan Camenisch, Susan Hohenberger, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya and Mira Meyerovich. ACM CCS 2006.

Abstract. We create a credential system that lets a user anonymously authenticate at most n times in a single time period. A user withdraws a dispenser of n e-tokens. She shows an etoken to a verifier to authenticate herself; each e-token can be used only once, however, the dispenser automatically refreshes every time period. The only prior solution to this problem, due to Damgard et al. [29], uses protocols that are a factor of k slower for the user and verifier, where k is the security parameter. Damgard et al. also only support one authentication per time period, while we support n. Because our construction is based on e-cash, we can use existing techniques to identify a cheating user, trace all of her e-tokens, and revoke her dispensers. We also offer a new anonymity service: glitch protection for basically honest users who (occasionally) reuse e-tokens. The verifier can always recognize a reused e-token; however, we preserve the anonymity of users who do not reuse e-tokens too often.

Published Version | Full Version


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