See Figure 1.

I love giving talks.  Whiteboard talks.  PowerPoint talks.  Wave my hands in the air wildly as I search for a napkin talks.  As a cryptographer, I end up giving a lot of cryptography talks.  As a student at Brown, I suddenly noticed that I had to begin every lecture by charting out the complicated love triangle du-jour between Alice, Bob and Bob’s crazy KGB ex-girlfriend Eve.  To save time, I came to the lecture room early so I could draw the appropriate “diagrams.”  I say “diagrams,” because very quickly, these pictures devolved into silly cartoons with some esoteric joke about the topic on-hand. Enough people liked them to motivate me to come early to other people’s lectures and leave silly pictures on the whiteboard.

All those pictures are gone.  What’s left on this website are some illustrations I made for myself while a). reading interesting books and b). listening to boring lectures.

  1. Endorsed E-Cash, a.k.a my Ph.D. dissertation.
  2. Concurrent Zero-Knowledge.
  3. Taking Charge of Your Fertility
  4. Incentivizing Oursourced Computation
  5. Transferable E-Cash
  6. The Invisible Heart
  7. Emotional Blackmail
  8. The Paradox of Choice
  9. The Republic of Pirates
  10. Freakanomics

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